Coming to …

Somethings are always going to be classic… animal print definitely falls into that category. Just a little goes a long way. Exotic cat prints like leopard, cheetah and ocelot can take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary. Not to mention that it is the epitome of glamour with a touch of danger, which speaks to prowess of a woman. Every woman is a queen in her own right, so I say show a little skin.


Wine-stained lips


The rain has certainly got me thinking about transitioning into a new cosmetic palette. The berry lips are definitely the look of this fall.  Bold lips instantly give the wearer a dramatic pout and undeniable edgy look. The beauty of it is that there is a shade that flatters everyone.


Introductions are in order

NMAGE is a matter of perception and there is always two sides to the story. Your NMAGE is the way you are perceived by others, but most importantly it is the way you see yourself. It has taken me all this time to realize that NMAGE is what you make it. Let me introduce myself… name is TheNina.

I am fascinated with the arts, culture, food, music, fashion and style. Developing my NMAGE through theses has always been a wonderful vehicle of expression for me. I created this blog not only to share the things that inspire me, but to invite my readers on a journey. Style is a journey, not a destination.

Thanks for joining me…